Ripon Christian School uses a web program designed to provide information to parents and students regarding assignments and progress reports. Teachers in grades 4-12 place their assignments and progress reports on this website where you will be able to access them.

In order to retrieve this information each family must set up an account.   To set up an account please contact the office at 209-599-2155.

If you already have a Renweb account, click on the picture to the left to log in.  Remember our district code is RC-CA.

If you do not have an Reweb account download the instructions below to create one.  If you have trouble, contact the school office at 209-599-2155.

It is our hope that this system will provide better communication to our parents and students.


If you are using Internet Explorer 10, click HERE for further instructions.

If you are using Windows 8, click HERE for further instructions.

Chrome is currently NOT supported for use with RenWeb.

Mobile Apps now available.

Having trouble viewing grades, etc.?  Try the following.

Clear the Cache in Internet Explorer

1.  Go to Tools/Internet Options

2.  In the General tab, click on the Delete button in the center

3.  On the next screen uncheck "Preserve Favorites website data"

4.  Place a check mark in "Temporary Internet Files"

5.  Click Delete at bottom