About Us

Ripon Christian Schools, working with the Christian home
and church, leads students in:

Reaching for academic excellence
      Connecting faith and learning
            Serving God and others in His world

Since 1928, Ripon Christian has been providing students with excellent academic training for a wide range of careers and higher educational levels, while at the same time offering opportunities and encouragement for significant spiritual growth. The heart of our mission is to prepare Christian leaders for the 21st century who will joyfully live out their faith in a sovereign God while humbly serving those around them as Jesus did.

Teachers at Ripon Christian have been trained and certified by accredited colleges and universities and are actively continuing their professional development in their areas of specialty and in the task of teaching Christian young people. Material in every subject matter is approached from the Biblical foundation, with the goal of real-life, Spirit-filled application to students.

We are a member of Christian Schools International

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