Welcome! It is our pleasure to share information with prospective parents. Students raised in Christian homes, where faith in Christ is professed,
are eligible for enrollment.


Please take a moment to review our admissions process outlined here.


Admissions Process

STEP 1: A completed application, along with a signed pastoral form will need to be submitted.

STEP 2: Students in grades 2nd  through 12th will be tested in order to properly assess placement and assure academic success. Parents will be contacted to schedule a one-hour session for this purpose. Due at the time of this scheduled appointment is a $50 (per student) testing fee along with a $100 (per family) registration fee.

STEP 3: An interview appointment will be scheduled for you to meet with our administration once the pastoral form has been received

STEP 4: Upon acceptance for enrollment, a letter will be sent welcoming you to the RCS family!

New Family Information Night is held in January and March each year in our Performing Arts Center. This is a wonderful evening for students and parents to learn about our program, receive a campus tour, and discover what sets us apart. Applications will be available that evening.

RCS offers the opportunity to have your child "shadow" an RCS student for a day.

Shadow dates can easily be conducted on any given Monday/Thursday/Friday. We ask that a note written by the parent be furnished to the school secretary upon arrival, giving your child(ren) permission to be on campus.

If you have questions about Ripon Christian School or would like to recieve information, please email

Lori McGovern