Ripon Christian Pre-School

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Ripon Christian Preschool is ready for its eleventh year in operation. We have grown from 36 students in our first year to 130 last year! God has truly blessed our program by bringing us wonderful children and families to serve. What an incredible blessing these young hearts and minds are to our school!

 We offer sessions in the morning and the afternoon for both Preschool (three to four year old), and Pre- K (four to five year old) classes. We also offer a Stay and Play program until 12:30 as well as an All Day program until 3:00. This is the fourth year we have been able to offer five day a week sessions. We feel very fortunate to be blessed with the growth which we have experienced.

The early childhood philosophy we embrace here is achieved through a high quality developmental program in which the children are able to cultivate their imagination and creative ideas while learning socially acceptable behaviors. We offer a loving, nurturing environment with highly qualified staff to aid the children in their cognitive, emotional, social, physical and spiritual development. The children are immersed in learning through a “hands on” curriculum of learning activities through music, science, story time, and art projects. Ample time is also given for shaping social skills in the classroom and on the playground.  We combine our developmental curriculum with teacher directed learning activities every day. We believe that every child is unique and should be appreciated for their own particular characteristics. We also believe that each child should be allowed to grow and develop at their own rate. We monitor the children’s cognitive knowledge throughout the year and with assessments in the spring and fall.

A positive self-image is fostered through the decision making process in which the children also gain a sense of independence and control over their situations. We feel it is very important to teach the “whole child” to help them develop into well rounded individuals ready to move on to the next step in their education.

The children will be learning about how God is the creator of our world and everything in it! Some very basic lessons in faith and Jesus’ love for us will be reinforced through songs and stories throughout the school day. Bible stories are an important part of our curriculum as well. We use many interactive methods to bring home the importance of the stories and people in the Bible. 

In preparing our pre-k students for Kindergarten we also utilize the Learning Without Tears and Alpha Friends curriculum throughout the year. These methods aid the children in their understanding of Literacy, Language, Math and Phonics to help them gain knowledge in these areas. As you can see, we have a very full schedule of learning!

If you are interested in Ripon Christian Preschool for your child please contact us for more information or to meet the staff and tour the center. We would love to have the opportunity to share our excitement about our program with you!

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