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Double Your Impact Campaign

Double Your Impact Campaign

This campaign takes advantage of a unique opportunity to have every dollar donated matched, doubling the impact of all contributions received!

These funds will continue to support the development of the on-campus tennis courts and the expansion of our parking facilities, which were initiated during the Fall Fund Drive. Thanks to the generosity of numerous donors, we've made significant progress in fundraising for this phase. The Fall Fund Drive provided a solid foundation for our project, propelling us forward. Now, we're leveraging this Double Your Impact Campaign to continue to raise funds for this project and commence groundbreaking efforts.


When you make a donation during our Double Your Impact Campaign, your contribution will be matched dollar-for-dollar. This means your impact is instantly doubled, helping us achieve our goal of breaking ground on the on-campus tennis courts. Join us in maximizing the effectiveness of your support – it's a simple way to make twice the difference!


Donate to Ripon Christian Schools easily
on your phone with a simple text.
Text "Campus" to 209-502-2165

Overhead view of the campus improvements in Phase 2: