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Fall Fund Drive

Fall Fund Drive 2023

This year's Fall Fund Drive kicks off our next campus expansion project. This Second Phase includes the addition of on-campus tennis courts, the expansion of our parking facilities, and modifications to the PAC to create additional academic and storage spaces. 

Overhead view of the proposed on-campus improvements in Phase 2:

Sown in Faith

Dear Ripon Christian Community,

While not one to reference a Farmer’s Almanac, I feel pretty confident in saying that 2023 has provided us with a very unusual year of weather. The plethora of rain this spring led to late-arriving summer temperatures that have since transitioned into what seems to be a relatively warm fall, at least at the time I am writing this in late September. While weather has typically been followed pretty closely in our community, especially by those involved in agriculture, even the casual observer was likely to have seen its impact on our communities. I am finding it hard to recall a year when our weather has so significantly impacted the growing seasons, resulting in late plantings in the spring, an extended growing season into late summer, followed by a delayed start to harvest for many. While man makes plans, ultimately, God’s reign over the cosmos reminds us that we are not in control.

Just as a farmer steps out in faith each year in sowing his crops, uncertain as to what future conditions like the weather hold, so do we, as Christians, step out in faith in seeking God’s will for our lives. Ripon Christian Schools is no different. It begins anew each year as we create a budget and plan for a new school year many months before the next one begins. Stepping out in faith can be met with challenges and uncertainties but also with wonders and triumphs. Ripon Christian has been blessed with its largest enrollment for the second year in a row. With these blessings comes the challenges of finding qualified Christ-centered staff and classroom space to accommodate this growth. Through it all, we see God’s hand of grace and faithfulness.

As you likely recall, last year’s Fall Fund Drive was for Phase One of a campus expansion plan that started with the purchase of a property to relocate the bus yard and consolidate all of the maintenance and grounds facilities in one location. Both of those projects are now underway, and we are excited to announce the commencement of fundraising for Phase Two. This phase will bring tennis courts back to campus for our PE and athletic departments as well as provide much-needed parking to the north end of campus for events like Grandparent’s Day, music concerts, drama productions, and athletic events. In addition, plans also call for the addition of classrooms and storage spaces to the PAC facility to accommodate the growth of students in the Upper School.

With the start of Phase Two, it is our hope that you will continue to pray for the staff and school board of Ripon Christian as we seek to honor Christ with our plans. May we continue to desire His will for RC and its mission of providing a Christ-centered education for all of His children. We would ask that you partner with us by supporting Ripon Christian through your prayers and financial gifts as we seek to harvest that which has been sown in faith for God’s glory.

In Him,

Eric Segaar, Superintendent


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sown in faith

"Remember this: whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously." 

2 Corinthians 9:6