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Educational Support Services

At Ripon Christian, we strive to support every student in maximizing their full potential.  Ripon Christian Support Services provides assistance to students who learn differently or need extra academic reinforcement. Through Ripon Christian Educational Support Services, the goal is to prepare students with learning needs to meet future academic challenges with confidence and the tools for success.  

Learning Center - Grades K through 5

A variety of multi-sensory, highly structured, and sequenced programs are used by our Learning Center. The Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) test is given to grades 1 through 5 three times a year to screen and support students in core academic areas.  Additional support is provided in reading and math for children with learning needs.  

Learning Center provides students with learning needs targeted intervention, while they continue to receive their core reading and math instruction from their teacher. In the Learning Center, students are provided a highly effective direct instruction reading program that compliments their classroom curriculum while in mathematics, re-teaching, additional guided practice, and Saxon Math adaptations are utilized.  The Learning Assistance staff work collaboratively with classroom teachers to identify strategies that best support success for each student.

Academic Support - Grades 6 through 12

For students in middle school and high school, the Academic Support program is designed to meet the specific needs of students to maximize their learning potential. Academic Support gives the opportunity for small class size re-teaching, added guided practice, and additional curriculum to support the core curriculum. Working closely with the mainstream classroom teachers, the Academic Support team ensures that comprehensive support for students with learning needs is achieved.